Wedding Dress Preservation Service

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Your bridal gown represents all the love and happiness of your special day! By investing in cleaning + preservation, you’re ensuring that your dream wedding dress remains intact and beautiful for generations.

It’s more than cleaning the visible stains on your gown. Sugar stains that have dried clear can cause discoloration and deterioration of the fabric over time. Choosing to forgo treatment brings the risk of fabric yellowing, oxidation spots, mold and more.

We've partnered with the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit to offer this essential service, who has been a trusted expert in the business for 100 years! Your gown will receive only the best treatment and care the moment it ships from your front door to be meticulously cleaned and preserved.

How It Works:

  1. Order your kit
  2. Pack + ship your gown
  3. Gown arrives at the Wedding Gown Preservation facility [you'll be able to track the progress!]
  4. Gown is gently cleaned with top of the line, delicate fabric cleaning equipment
  5. Gown is repaired, pressed + steamed and boxed
  6. Gown is securely shipped back to you, perfectly cleaned and preserved


Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to order my kit?
While they can restore gowns that are 100+ years old, the absolute best time to order your preservation kit is when [or soon after] you purchase your wedding dress. Ordering your kit early is the best way to ensure this important item is checked off your wedding to do list and the best way to treat yourself to a stress free day without having to worry about dirt, grass, food, or sweat stains that will inevitably occur during your reception. Your kit never expires, so it doesn't matter if you order your preservation kit one month before your wedding day, or one year.

Can I add additional shipping insurance to my dress?
$1,000 worth of insurance is included in your kit, and you'll have the opportunity to add on additional insurance before shipping it out. Extra insurance is $50.00 for every $1,000 worth of extra insurance you'd like to add.

How do I know my dress will be safe during the shipping process?
The Wedding Gown Preservation Kit has taken every step available to make sure your wedding dress is safe and secure as it is shipped to their facility and back to your home. With advancements in UPS shipping technology, you'll be able to track your dress every step of the way and you will be updated by email through the internal tracking system once your dress arrives at the preservation facility.

For additional peace of mind, your kit will come with $1,000 worth of insurance should anything happen during any part of the shipping, cleaning, and preservation process. The finished Preservation Chest also requires a signature from a resident of your home.  Over 3,000,000 brides can attest to the safety of their time-proven process while saving hundreds of dollars at the same time.

What happens to my dress during the cleaning process?
During the dress cleaning process, your gown will be rotated around the racking system to preservation stations, where each station focuses solely on one aspect of the cleaning process. A few of the stations are gentle dry cleaning, spot removal, pressing, hemming, beading and more. Your dress is preserved using a gentle formula that has been passed down through the company's many generations. After the cleaning process is completed, your gown is placed in acid-free-preservation-paper and formed around a bust to maintain the gown's shape over time. During the final step your gown is sealed into the preservation chest, placed in a heavy, crush-proof shipping box, and sent out for the return trip to your doorstep.

Where is the best place in my home to store my wedding dress after getting it preserved?
The best place to store your newly cleaned and preserved wedding dress is in a place where you are also comfortable. This excludes non-conditioned areas of your home such as your garage, basement, or attic. It is also recommended you store your Preservation Chest out of direct sunlight. Most brides opt to store their Preservation Chest under the bed in their bedroom or in their closet. | 1.888.LXREDUX

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