Luxe Redux Authenticity

How can you be sure the wedding gowns you are perusing on our website are authentic? We’re glad you asked! Luxe Redux partners with authorized, special order bridal gown retailers all over the country. What does this mean exactly? Take for example, our sister store, La Jeune Mariee, located in our flagship city of Columbus, Ohio.  La Jeune Mariee carries designers such as Monique Lhuillier, Watters, Paloma Blanca and many other well known bridal designers. Luxe Redux partners with hundreds of stores like La Jeune Mariee and assists them with underperforming and discontinued bridal gown inventory. Rest assured, all of the bridal gowns we receive are real, authentic and still have the designer label and care tags attached on the inside of the gown. We do not accept counterfeit apparel or from sources in which we do not have a relationship.

While we would love to take individual photos of all of our gowns, we receive hundreds of wedding dresses from across the United States each week. Hence, why we use the designer images to represent the gowns we have for sale at a discounted price. We unfortunately do not have the time or resources to individually photograph each gown, and our primary goal is to list the gown for sale as soon as possible for the sake of brides looking and our retailers receiving a return on their investment. We believe in transparency, and we will absolutely list any imperfections seen on the gown upon its arrival and list as such in the description. If a bride would like additional photos of the gown, they are encouraged to reach out to our online stylist and request detailed photos.

"As an owner of a Bridal Consulting Agency, Trade Show Company and Distribution Center, I could not love Luxe Redux more. I have known the owner, Lindsay Fork, for 18 years and I have support and trust in everything she does. Lindsay is always in the forefront of creating needs in the market and does not scare easily, which I respect immensely. The bridal industry took a hit during COVID and some changes needed to be made. Luxe Redux and their Luxe in A Box service are just a couple of those things. Not every bride wants the typical salon experience. What is also reassuring is knowing that you can trust that if a gown is at Luxe Redux, you are working with an extremely professional and diligent team. We work with over 20 bridal gown designers and Lindsay and her team are the first people we reach out to when needing to move inventory and we wouldn’t have it any other way!"

Kimberly Marcoux
Co-Founder, Coterie White + Melange De Blanc

A note specifically to designers: As stated above, we partner with hundreds of luxury bridal boutiques all across the United States and Canada to resell their underperforming or discontinued merchandise. As we all have learned, sample sales are not fruitful. We pride ourselves on being able to assist retailers in positive cash flow so that when they meet you at bridal market two times each year, they have money to spend on their minimum buys. We also partner with many designers directly to cycle through excess inventory, samples or trunk show sets. Reach out to us here if you are interested in learning more about partnering with Luxe Redux Bridal.  Our intentions are to be a win-win-win for brides, retailers and designers.