Luxe Redux Detroit | Coming Soon

DETROIT - you're next! We're so excited to be bringing the Luxe Redux Bridal experience to Woodward West, a developing neighborhood in Midtown Detroit, this summer! The fashion community in Detroit is a vibrant + diverse one, fostering creativity and innovation among local designers, boutiques, and fashion enthusiasts, creating a city of cultural renaissance and unique identity! We're honored to call this city + it's people our new home, and to be a part of this growing hub of unique fashion and art!


Luxe Redux Bridal Detroit | Coming Soon

“We are affectionately referring to our Detroit expansion as Lucky #7 and I truly feel lucky to have the opportunity to continue our brand in a city that was near where I grew up in NW Ohio. Being in Detroit is a FEELING. You can feel the energy, the resurgence, the presence of art, growth and promise."- Lindsay Fork, Founder and CEO


So, Detroit brides, allow us to introduce ourselves! We're Luxe Redux Bridal, a designer sample bridal boutique with 7 [including Detroit] locations nationwide, an at-home try on service called Luxe in a Box + an e-commerce platform that houses all of our inventory - perfect for browsing and building your wedding Pinterest board prior to your appointment! 

 Luxe Redux Bridal Detroit | Coming Soon

Now, you may be wondering, 'what's a designer sample?'. A sample wedding dress is one that you would try on at a traditional, special order bridal boutique, before ordering your desired size, color, customizations, etc. Our dreamy boutiques hold a curated selection of designer sample gowns that are consigned with us from the top bridal boutiques around the country. 


And let’s break down the term consignment, shall we? Consignment sometimes gets a dirty connotation or someone feels the item is “used”. At Luxe Redux, gowns on consignment simply means we obtained the gown from other designer bridal retailers across the country. So when the dress sells, we send a portion of the sale to them. In reality, most of the gowns were tried on a handful of times as samples in a fancy, special order boutique. That’s it! We never approve gowns that have been altered and worn all day at a wedding. We are so particular about what we accept!


We like to give the visual of shoes you try on at a really nice department store. Many, many feet have tried on those shoes before they are purchased. Do you consider them used? We didn’t think so! It’s no different with the sample wedding dresses at Luxe Redux Bridal!


Read on to learn more about why you'd want to purchase a sample gown, and what makes Luxe Redux Detroit the best experience to do so!

Luxe Redux Bridal Detroit | Coming Soon  

A top reason why you'd want to buy a sample gown is to save money! Let's be real; weddings can be expensive! When you find a consigned sample gown that you love, you're saving hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars to wear one of your favorite designers down the aisle! 


One of the best parts of purchasing a sample gown is that you get to take home your dream dress the same day you say YES! No wait time here, babe - perfect for accommodating a short timeline! Armed with tips for storage and care from our expert stylists, we'll send you with your gown and accessories, and our recommended seamstresses in the area! We know with the recent news of David's Bridal, many brides are feeling uncertain and worried about the status of their gowns. We're confident our off-the-rack options will provide peace of mind to those in a pinch!


Additionally, as we touched on in our sustainable wedding dress shopping blog post, when you say yes to a sample bridal gown, you're purchasing a gown that has already been made, instead of having a completely new garment to be put into production! You can rest assured knowing you [+ your wedding] have done your part as a sustainable bride!  


Looking for a style that's as unique as you are? You're in luck! Oftentimes, our samples are loved styles from top designers that are now discontinued + even more special! Shopping with a consignment [or sample] bridal boutique gives you the opportunity to find unique, one-of-a-kind wedding dresses that you may not be able to find anywhere else! Along with these one-of-a-kind gems, you'll also find current styles from a variety of designers that you can get at a fraction of the retail price! Now, we know that buying a sample wedding gown isn't for everyone, which is why we have a collection of brand new private label gowns in each of our bridal boutiques! 

Luxe Redux Bridal Detroit | Coming Soon  

Along with this list of amazing reasons, Luxe Redux Bridal gives our brides even more reasons to purchase a sample gown. While the majority of our samples are bridal sizes 10, 12, + 14, we've made it our passion project to carry gowns from sizes 0 - 30, so you can rest assured that we'll have plenty of stunning designer options already in mind when you walk through the doors for your appointment! 


Are you ready to find your dream dress? Let's get you booked!