5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips // Advice from a Bridal Boutique Manager

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning! Our Pittsburgh Boutique Manager, Monica, shares her top 5 tips brides should know before heading into their bridal appointment:

1. Bring what you plan on wearing on your big day

Brides ask us all the time - "What should I bring to my bridal appointment?", and our best advice is to bring anything you know you'll be wearing on the big day!

"Whether that's your favorite shape wear because you want to feel super tight + secure, or those heels you've been swooning over ever since you got engaged ... Most importantly, bring your most supportive entourage! The people that you bring with you are a huge factor in the success of your appointment, so remember to bring family + friends who have your best interest at heart. After all, it is your day", shared Monica. 

2. Come in with an open mind + open heart

"You really never know what you'll end up loving once you've tried on the first couple of gowns." Monica shared with us about bridal appointments.

Brides often come in with the intention of simply trying on + seeing what they like. "But honestly, 99% of the time, they end up falling in love with the dress of their dreams on the first visit. That is very, very common. Trust your gut and trust your stylist - dress shopping is as easy or as hard as you choose to make it" continued Monica about the try-on process. 

3. Limit yourself to two appointments per day

"If you are one of those brides who sees themselves wanting to shop around, or check out multiple boutiques, our biggest advice for that is to only book a maximum of 2 appointments per day. Dress shopping is a lot more physically + emotionally draining than you might expect, and honestly, seeing too many options can be overwhelming + exhausting! ... Don't push yourself to the point where it isn't fun anymore!"

4. Share your inspiration with your bridal stylist

You can do this by creating a Pinterest board, making a wishlist on our website, or even sending screenshots of gowns that you have seen on Instagram or Tik Tok. "The more inspiration you send, the better, because then it gives us a really wide range of options to pull for you! Now, if you are one of those brides that really isn't sure how you plan on looking for your big day, or you just don't really have a vision for the gown yet, you're more than welcome to still send us your Pinterest board of your wedding decor, your flowers, your venue ... We can help curate the dresses that we'd pull for you based on the vibe of your big day!"

5. It's okay for your vision to change

"Once brides start trying on gowns, we often see them liking something that is totally different than what they thought they had originally wanted, so just remember to trust your gut! ... It's okay to truly embrace that change + let go of the original vision to accept something new!"



 Now it's time to book your appointment! We can't wait to meet you!