How To: Care for your Wedding Day Manicure

Last month, we chatted with our friends at the W Nail Bar. A few blog posts ago, they shared advice on choosing your wedding day mani [you don't want to miss it!], and now we're back with some tips + tricks to keep your wedding day manicure perfect!

First things first, babe: when should you get your nails done for the big day? "People tend to get lighter colors for their wedding, which can be easily stained from makeup, spray tans, cleaning products, so I would say the day before or two days before, just to make sure nothing happens to them." shared W Nail Bar Content Creator + Nail Tech, Gracyn. 

Gracyn went on to chat about trials for your wedding day nails. "It all depends on how sure you are about the style of nails you want to do. I have a few clients that want to try the ombre, want to try the French, just to see what they're liking... it shouldn't take more than two manis to feel good about your nails."

Once you've decided on the perfect wedding day mani + perfected your trial, here are a few ways to keep it looking good as new:

1. It's your big day, don't lift a finger! 

If you choose to touch up your makeup, be careful about powders + foundations staining light colors. And don't even think about last-minute cleaning once your nails are done - many cleaning products can damage your perfect bridal mani! 

2. Be cautious of chlorine + sunscreen if you're having a destination wedding 

Chlorine can cause discoloration + even soften the manicure, making it easier to chip!

3. Avoid the hand sanitizer

Leading up to the big day, opt for soap + water instead of a quick pump of hand sanitizer - your nails will thank you! 

#protip: If your spray tan is scheduled after your manicure, put some vaseline on your nails for easy clean up! [and don't forget your cuticle oil!]

Wedding day manicure from the W Nail Bar | Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis

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