Featured on Hope Scope | Luxe in a Box

Hope Scope is a popular YouTube creator who engages with her audience with entertaining + informative content, focusing on fashion + activewear reviews and tips, providing her viewers with valuable insights and inspiration about the brands she purchases from. Hope recently discovered Luxe Redux on Pinterest, and took advantage of our at-home try on service, Luxe in a Box, to determine whether or not the dress she fell in love with really lived up to the Pinterest pin! 

Hope Scope Feature | Luxe Redux Bridal

In the video, Hope explains that she was inspired by her own wedding dress Pinterest board, where she had accumulated pins of stunning, intricate wedding dresses that she loved, but was unsure of whether or not they'd live up to the photo in reality. 

As you'll see in the video, linked below, many of the dresses don't live up to the expectation... except one. 😉 At Luxe Redux Bridal, we take great pride in our inventory and personally select each of the gowns that find a home in one of our boutiques. If a gown arrives and doesn't meet our standards, we send it back to its original home, which is why Hope loved the boho gown she purchased from us! 

Watch Hope's full try on video below, and build your Luxe in a Box to find your dream dress in the luxury of your own space today!