Benefits of Trying on Wedding Dresses at Home

We get it babe, life as a #futuremrs is busy! That's why we created our Luxe in a Box service. You can shop for your dream wedding dress at home with your very own #hypesquad! When you find THE one, it's yours to keep.

Luxe in a Box is perfect for: 
- Brides outside of our brick + mortar cities
- Brides with a bustling schedule that don't have time to shop
- The #antibrides who have never dreamed of a boutique experience
- Brides who fear being pressured into a sale by a pushy stylist [#notourstylists 😉]

Bride opening box for at home bridal try on

With our simple process, you can shop for your perfect wedding dress at home, with no obligation to buy! We've taken everything our brides know + love about our boutique experience and wrapped it up in a pretty package shipped to your home!

Bride trying on wedding dresses at home with Luxe in a Box


Here's how it works:

Step 1:Shop our bridal gown samples available for Luxe in a Box.

Step 2:Add your top 3 dresses to your box + order.

Step 3:Try on your gowns at home.

Step 4:Say yes + sip champs!


So easy, right? You're 4 steps away from making that designer wedding dress yours, and that discount sure looks good on you! 

Start creating your Luxe in a Box here!