5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Appointment

5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Appointment

Don't stress, #futuremrs! We've got this whole appointment thing down, and lucky for you, we've never been great at keeping secrets! Here are 5 tips you should know before your first bridal appointment:

1. Come with an open mind

You only get to shop for a wedding dress once, so come with an open mind + make the most of it by giving every silhouette a chance! Trust us, we love a good Pinterest board as much as the next bride! But use this as your inspiration and not your end all be all. Believe it or not, the wild card picks tend to be quite a hit, so trust your stylist and put that dress on!


2. What to wear

Spoiler alert: standing in your fitting room half naked can be a little uncomfortable! Be sure to wear what YOU feel most comfortable in, whether that's Spanx or your favorite strapless bra, but undies are always a must. When in doubt, wear nude because those neon colors aren't exactly #ido friendly!


3. Who to bring

Your stylist is absolutely always going to be #teambride, and you should be too! Opinions are important, but having too many can be difficult. We recommend bringing along 1-4 of your biggest fans whose opinions you value most. It's okay if your opinion is different, because ultimately you're the one that will be walking down the aisle, so you do you babe!


4. Sizing

Let's just all agree to ignore those size tags, because truthfully those numbers don't define us! To put it simply, bridal sizing runs small (like, really small) - expect to go up 1-2 sizes.

This is why we pull gowns for you. Trust your stylist - they know how each designer runs and what will and will not fit you. We're all about empowering our brides, and putting you in a dress that doesn't fit certainly doesn't do that!


5. Not all brides cry


So you think you may have found the dress, but you haven't shed a single tear. No tears, no problem! How our brides respond to THE dress is very 50/50 - some brides have lots of emotion, and others simply feel aisle-ready in that dress. Both reactions are valid, and both are worth celebrating!


H O O R A Y you're ready for your try-on sesh! Let's get you scheduled, babe!