Everything You Need to Know About Sample Wedding Dresses

Seeking + stocking the best of designer bridal samples at a fraction of the cost is our jam! We get a lot of questions about sample wedding dresses - here's the rundown, babes!

What You Need to Know About Sample Wedding Dresses
What is a sample gown?

A sample wedding dress is a gown that has been tried on by other brides, but never altered or worn down the aisle! At a traditional boutique, the bride is able to order the size and color of their choosing based off of a sample. We sell these sample gowns [from high-end boutiques all over the country] at a discounted price for you to take home that same day!

What are sample sizes? 

Because we are a designer sample boutique, we are at the mercy of what we receive from other high-end bridal boutiques all over the country.  The majority of our samples are bridal sizes 10, 12 and 14. We've made it our passion project to find more size-inclusive options for our brides and offer sizes 0-30!

What type of condition are your sample gowns in?

We take great pride in our inventory + personally select each dress that finds a home in one of our boutiques. If a gown arrives and it doesn't meet our standards, we send it back to its original home. Now real talk: we do accept samples that may need a little extra love. This may include a loose button or broken zipper, but we're confident that a skilled seamstress can fix these small imperfections. And you know what? These tiny flaws mean big discounts - so yay you!

 Does the experience at a sample gown boutique differ from the experience at a traditional bridal boutique? 
Absolutely not! 
When you walk into our boutiques, you'll be greeted by a sparkling chandelier, pretty decor and the dreamiest dresses all in a row. You will receive an appointment with your own personal stylist, who you'll be besties with by the end! Luxe Redux was created for you, the bride who wants a designer dress without breaking the bank. We didn't cut corners on the experience because babe, you deserve the best!